Coronavirus Mol Bio Features

Some interesting replication and molecular biology features of Coronavirus

+ Coronavirus has the largest RNA virus genome of about 32 kilobases.
+ The product of the 5' two-thirds of the viral genome is two polyproteins, the larger of which is a result of translational frameshifting. These two polyproteins are cleaved and assembled to form an RNA polymerase.
+ RNA polymerase is used to transcribe full length strands of RNA as well as a 3'-coterminal nested set of subgenomic mRNAs.
+ The 5 - 7 nested genes extend for different lengths from their common 3' ends.
+ A 5' leader sequence is used in the process of discontinuous transcription.
+ Genetic recombination occurs frequently between the genomes of related coronaviruses, which is an important mechanism for genetic diversity.
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