• The Panama Puzzle
    Solve the mystery of "yellow jack" which killed thousands during the construction of the Panama canal. This is a fun little exercise which lets you understand Walter Reed's thought processes in 1900.
  • Arbovirus transmission and mosquito monitoring
    Check out cool mosquito graphics on this page and learn about mosquito monitoring. The New South Wales Arbovirus Surveillance and Mosquito Monitoring Program warns public health officials of potential epidemics through monitoring seasonal fluctuations in mosquito activity and population size.
  • Control of yellow fever
    Discover information regarding the clinical features, transmission and diagnosis of yellow fever. This page contains important tips for the control of cases, contacts and the environment during an epidemic.
  • More arbovirus information
    Learn more about the replication, morphology, genome and mode of transmission of arboviruses by connecting to this link.
  • Classification of Flavivirus
    Understand ICTV clssification of flavivirus and properties of the virion.
  • Hepatitis Discovery
    Learn more about the recent discovery by Abbott Labs in Illinois of a group of new viruses known as GB, which may cause hepatitis not attributed to previously identified hepatitis viruses. Genomic organization of these GB viruses falls within the flavivirus family.
  • Hepatitis G
    Find out whether Hepatitis G actually causes hepatitis.
  • Introduction to Hepatitis C
    Peruse comprehensive and current information on Hepatitis C.