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General Sites

Departments of Virology

Electron Micrographs and Other Pictures of Viruses

Viral Morphology

Emerging Infections

ProMED refers to the Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases
You may be interested in signing up for their email distribution list.
The bad news is you will be inundated with email.
The good news is you will be apprised of all the outbreaks currently going on in the world.

  • Virus International

  • Another excellent free resource.

    P.O. Box 33799
    Decatur, GA 30033-799, USA
    phone: 1 (404) 728-0564
    fax: 1 (404) 728-0032

  • "Virus Hunters" Discuss Emerging Infectious Diseases

  • "Bugs in the News"

  • Emerging Diseases Conference
  • Plaguescape a electronic rendering of the Egyptian plagues
  • Emerging Viruses Bibliography

  • Viral Classification

    Specific Viruses



    History of Virology


    Virology and microbiology courses on the web

    Books on-line

    Journals on-line

    Travel medicine


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