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Interviews with Prominent People who Worked with or Reported on Ebola

  • Dr. C.J. Peters
    Dr. Peters was the head of USAMRIID's emerging diseases division at the time of the 1995 outbreak in Kikwit and the early 1990 outbreaks of Reston in the United States. He is currently the head of the CDC's division of viral and rickettsial diseases.
  • Dr. Karl M. Johnson

    Dr. Johnson was part of the interventive teams at all of the filovirus outbreaks. He is considered the veteran Ebola-ologist.
  • Colonel Arthur Anderson, M.D.
    Col. Anderson conducts research on Ebola at USAMRIID and presents and interesting scientific perspective of Ebola.
  • Colonel Nancy Jaax, D.V.M., PhD.
    Col. Nancy Jaax conducted and led the veterinary pathology studies on the Reston monkeys. She is a veterinarian pathologist at USAMRIID.
  • Dr. Frederick A. Murphy
    Dr. Frederick Murphy is a veterinarian who used to work at the CDC. He took the first electron micrograph of Ebola Zaire. He is now Dean of UC Davis' veterinary school.
  • Outbreak Interview with Dr. Bo Niklasson
    Dr. Niklasson is the head of the Swedish BSL 4 laboratory that conducts research on Ebola. He was part of the international team that worked to contain the Ebola outbreak in Kikwit in 1995.

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